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Why you should consider solar energy

You can literally save thousands of dollars on a grid connected system if you qualify for one of the Australian Government's renewable energy rebates, subsidies or grants!

The new solar credits rebate program is now available! You can also make money from your home solar power system. Learn more about the renewable energy rebate programs for home solar power at

  • Confac Electrical Services will conduct a load analysis of the power load on your home to work out the best solar array which suits your needs
  • We will determine average daily/yearly energy use based from your electricity bills
  • Determine the size of the PV grid connected system you need to suit your budget and available roof space
  • Provide advice about  the appropriate approved solar panels, inverters and associated support structure and wiring
  • Provide you with a professional report and a quote
  • Any required upgrade or repair of your existing electrical wiring
  • Discuss electrical safety in your home and premises
  • Provide a detailed written quote